søndag 25. september 2011

My own company

This year I have started a company. The purpuse is to do some small coaching jobs for clubs, groups or athletes and so far it has worked really well.

Here is a small comment on the jobs, I have done so far.

Anders Vister: This year Anders asked me to help him with his training. He is a really interesting athletes to work with and if he does his job the next years, it will be interesting to see how far he can get.

Nydalen SK: I have helped the club as being an advisor for some of the athletes. So far Nicole Ragvin has been the one who has used this offer. It's nice to help my old club.

Olav Lundanes: I have worked with Olav also this year. We have a talk every second month. In theese meetings we talk about everything concerning his training and life. Last year Olav became the world champion in long distance, and it has been really fun to work with him from the aged of 17 and then see him become the best in the world. I believe Olav have alot of good years in front of him.

Tue Lassen: For the second year I'm working with Tue on his Technical and mental development. It's motivating to work with Tue and we have a really good coorperation. It's also nice to give something back to Danish orienteering from where I grew up.

Fossum IF: In the spring I followed the talented runners from Fossum in the forrest and tried to give them some feedback on issues to work with technically. I made a project with using camera as feedback tool. It worked really well.

Lillomarka OL: I'm helping Lillomarka developing as a relay club. It's much fun to give my expirence from Halden to a upcoming club. I believe Lillomarka has understood that you have to work over time to become a relay club. So they take good expirence from each relay and maybe in time.....

NOF: I made a class for coaches in Norway on how I do the personal coaching. Nice to give away my thoughts. I also help NOF with making material for the trainer courses.

Vestfold O-krets: I used a day in Kongsberg with the juniors from Vestfold, working with the use of camera as feedback tool for technical development. The group was motivated and it was great fun. A really nice day, and I believe they could use the things I presented.

So if you or your club have some good ideas, but need help to start up. Just contact me, and I will se what I can do.


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