fredag 30. september 2011

Training session this morning.

My goal as a coach, is to become one of the best in the world. For me that means, a really good theoretical knowlegde, but still being able to see where I'm lacking. Being able to put out theory into good practise, and make trainings that challenge the athletes development. To always strive for becomming better at what I do. And maybe most importent, seeing the difference from athlete to athlete and still being able to make posibilities for everyone to develop, even if there in a bigger group.

As a coach I'm mostly measured by the results "my" athletes perform. That's okay with me, because I wan't the athletes to succeed in that way also. Still I know results come from hard work and not from speaking big words. So if "my" athletes need to succeed, they need to work hard. They have to understand that it's up to them to work hard, because I can't do the trainings for them, but I can challenge them and guide them on there way.

To meet theese goals, I mostly enjoy working with 1 on 1 coaching, but it's also really fun working with a gruop and with group kohesion.

So this morning I did some 1 on 1 coaching. Following the runners in the forrest is a really good way to do that. Especially young athletes need to be coached when things are happening out in the forrest. They need to become aware of what they do well, and what they can improve. Use of camera during the session, with an evaluation afterwords is also a really good way to do this. Then the athlete has a chance to see them self in action, and in that way the awereness is easier to achive.

The traning today had, use of compass as the theme. As you can see I manipulated the map, to make it easier to focus on the compass. At some points I also erased the detail inside the ring. This is normally not the way I do compass training, but from the expirence that theese athletes did,nt read the control description, I made it like this. I believe that compass is a really importent tool to use when running orienteering, and I wan't "my" athletes to trust in that. If you don't trust your compass, why use it? Another state from me, when you use the compass be accurate or don't use it. Often I see runners not using the compass properly and again why use if you don't know where your getting. So in theese sessions, I hope in time that they will develop a really good feeling with the compass and become able to use it as a basic in there orienteering method.

So getting back to being able to succeed, you need to work hard. Sometimes working hard means to get out of your comfort zone. Today the session was so challenging, that it was hard for to do well all the way. I would never put up a session like this just before importent races, because you might loose some or alot of self confidence. But as a development training it's really good, but for sure remember to coach everyone after the session.

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