søndag 25. september 2011

Studies in Oslo

Yes, I will try agian. Maybe this time, I will keep it up for a longer time.

The idea is to write some thoughts about orienteering.

Just to keep you updatet I will write some small articles about the last year in my life.

Since last I have quit the coaching job in Halden SK(1/11-2010) and started studying agian. I'm really pleased with my work in Halden and I believe that I put my fingerprint on the athletes and the club. Now I'm doing the masters course in sportspsychology on the Norwegian school of sport science in Oslo. I'm really glad for the study and I really believe that I'm becoming a better coach during this course. Also in time I wan't to work more with sportspsychology, and I think the timing is really good. Now, I just started the 2. year of the study. The first year of the study has been just alot of different classes, while the second year is just for writing my master thesis. I'm writing about motivational changes in a orienteering race and how it effects the result of the race. I will promise to write more about this later.

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