fredag 14. oktober 2011

Sports psychology workshop in Jyväskylä, Finland

This week I've spend in Jyväskylä Finland, on a european workshop for young specialist in sports psychology. It's really nice to get to know other people in my age group, who has the same interest as me.

The topic of most of the presentations were how to develop young talents to elite level athletes. It's a very interesting topic and dayli my work at Wang toppidrett concerns theese challenges. I'm preparing some thought on that, which will appear on this side soon.

As a listener on the workshop I meet Jani Lakanen, who is working with the young runners in Finland. It's nice to see that Finnish orienteering take science seriously, something I believe Norwegian orienteering could learn from. Though there is less science done on orienteering, there is so much other science, that could be used and adapted from other sports. But more on this later, just a teaser now.

Topics to come; how to develop young runners? how does the best orienteers do there technical training? Why and how do we do testing in orienteering? with more!