søndag 25. september 2011

New job!

So after the summer I have started a new job.

I'm now the orienteering coach for Wang toppidrett (a sports gymnasium).

We have 3 weekly trainings, that I plan. Apart from that my job is to help the students make good training plans and evaluate there training. This is a parttime job, so for me it's perfect to combine with my studies. Eivind Tonna had the job before me, and he has put up a good standard for the work. I hope to take it futher and maybe focus even more on the technical training. I believe that in age of 16-18 which the students have, it's really importent to get alot of technical traning, to put a good bacis. My goal for this autum is to make sure, that they have alot of different technical tools to use, while planning and executing a leg of the orienteering course.

So far it has been alot of fun and I really like working with young motivated athletes. The group is really dynamic, with alot of different personalities. I'm starting to get to know everyone and that's importent in my job. I know it's a good challenge to guide everyone in a good way, but I'm up for it, and I know that we are going to have some fun on the way. The level of students is really good, but there is still alot to work with. To be honest, I'm not really focusing on the results they perform right now. I'm focusing more on how much they can develop and maybe most importent, how much they wan't to develop. In Norway the posibilities of becoming a good orienteer is really great. So alot comes down to the induvidual athletes and if the take the consequence of the feedback they get from there training sessions and there performens. From working with some of the best, I know that it's not about how few mistakes you do. It's about searching to become better all the time and if you get a negative feedback, you take the consequence and become better at it. This does'nt mean that you only have to look for mistakes, you also have to know what youre good at, but don't be affraid making a mistake. Just my open thoughts on that, more to come.

Still to combine studies and traning like we do on Wang toppidrett, is something that I believe in, and I see it as a good posibility for youngsters to develop in a good way in an importent time of there life.

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Jan Kocbach sa...

Are maps from the Wang trainings put online somewhere (e.g. in a Doma-archive or on a webpage) after the trainings? I searched without finding. Would be nice to see what you do there.

Kenneth Buch sa...

So far they are not. I will try to make a doma-archive for Wang trainings.